Case studies

At the moment, we are focusing on case studies of DSI in France. We are regularly updating this list. Contact us here if you have suggestions for new entries.

  1. Accorderie: Platform to exchange and share resources between people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods
  2. App-Elles: Mobile application to help women in danger
  3. ASLOD: Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs in developing world
  4. Babyloan: Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs in developing world
  5. Betobe: Platform to match volunteering work and associations
  6. Bluebees: Crowdfunding for agriculture
  7. BNFA: Online library for people with hearing and seeing problems
  8. Calm by SINGA: Helping the refugies by connecting them with hosts.
  9. Cineapps: Application and apparat for cinemas to help people with reduced abilities to watch films
  10. Comparethic: A platform where different health insurances can be compared
  11. Cforgood: Application for sustainable consumption
  12. Cohome: Platform to organise coworking spaces
  13. Colleo: Crowdfunding platform for solidarity economy
  14. Data City Paris: Open data for smart city
  15. Ecogator: Application to collect information on various household items when consumers are making purchasing decisions (environmental efficiency etc.)- Spanish website
  16. Entourage: Helping the homeless
  17. Expertes: A platform to match media and women experts
  18. Faistaloi: A platform to collect opinions about new laws
  19. Fluicity: Participatory platform for citizens in cities
  20. Framapad: A community to promote open source software providing many functions alternatively (pads, notes, space etc)
  21. FranceBarter: Barter platform between organisations
  22. Guest to Guest: Home exchange platform
  23. Hellomerci: Crowdfunding platform
  24. Humaid: Support for handicapped people
  25. IdeasBox: Digital tools for the children in developing countries
  26. IWheelShare: An application to support people with wheelchair in cities
  27. Jaccede: An application to support people with wheelchair in cities
  28. Koombook: A portable digital library which is accessible even without WiFi connection
  29. KisskissBankbank: Crowdfunding platform
  30. La compagnie des Aidants: Platform where people who volunteer to help are matched with people in need, especially aged ones but also those hospitalised etc.
  31. Laprimaire: Supportive platform for political movements
  32. Lendosphere: Crowdfunding platform for ecological projects
  33. Les Petites Pierres: Crowdfunding platform for projects of sustainable housing
  34. LesSuricates: Platform for voting on DSI and ESS projects
  35. Lilo: Search engine for sustainability
  36. Mon Cartable Connecté: A connected computer for hospitalised children to communicate with their class
  37. NQT: Connects young job seekers of disadvantaged backgrounds with employers
  38. Open street map: Participatory map of streets
  39. OLPC France: Project one laptop per child
  40. Open Food Facts – France: An application for accessing data on the ingredients of food items, contributed by people.
  41. ROGERVOICE: Telephone calls are translated for people with hearing disabilities
  42. Seintinelles: Platform that connects patients with researchers
  43. Smart Pantoufles: Connected slippers for old people
  44. Sourdline: Facilitate communication for people with hearing disabilities
  45. Voisin-Age: Matching aged people with volunteers in a neighbourhood
  46. Voxe: Information diffusion and awareness raising on elections
  47. Wellfundr: Crowdfunding for health related projects
  48. Wesignit: Petition website
  49. Wizbii: Platform for developing entrepreneurial capabilities of young
  50. XETIC: Crowdfunding for solidarity projects