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Here you will find the organisations, events, or media outlets that we frequently come across while carrying out research on DSI in France. Since DSI have a lot in common with digital technologies and the social and solidarity economy, some of the following entries focus on digital technologies but also cover social and solidarity projects (and vice versa).

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News outlets:


Ouishare: Regular events on sharing economy in Paris and other cities in Europe.
Social Good Week: DSI week

European Social Innovation Competition: Event organized by EU
DSI Fair: Event organised by CAPSSI.

Government and EU organisations

Digital single market (EU)
La French Tech: Support startup
EtaLab: Government network on open data
ESS France: Social economy organisation
Digital Social Innovation EU (DSI4EU): European project pioneered by UK organisation on DSI NESTA.

Other supportive organisations (resources, skills, information, training, etc.)
France Digitale
Digital Society Forum: Support digital (research and debate forum)
IRI: Support digital innovation Support DSI
Fing: support DSI
Forum d’Action Modernites: Support DSI
La Fonderie: Support DSI
Paris Pionnieres: Support entreprenurship
Say yess: Support ESS
Groupe Sos: Support ESS
Esspace: Support ESS
La Fonda: Support ESS
Simplon: Support ESS and digital literacy
L’Atelier: Support organisation on ESS
Ashoka: Support startup ESS
Convergences: Support sustainability
European Business Awards: Supports EU startups and innovation
Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPSSI): Platform to support social innovation by the EU ChiC project.

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