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This blog is maintained by Müge Özman (Professor of Management at Télécom Ecole de Management), with the kind support of Cédric Gossart.

Müge held academic positions in Maastricht University and Middle East Technical University, and carried out post-doc studies in University of Strasbourg and Aix Marseille University. She participated in major projects on innovation funded by the European Union and Agence National de la Recherché (ANR). Her research focuses mostly on innovation networks, a field of research at the intersection of social network theory and innovation studies. She is also interested in network  strategies of digital social enterprises. She has recently published a book on the management of innovation networks. Find more information on her personal web page.

More on Muge’s research can be found on Research Gate,

This is a link to her ORCID profile

And this is her Twitter address:@muge_ozman

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